Gorilla ringtone bruno mars

gorilla ringtone bruno mars

gorilla ringtone bruno mars
Bruno Mars Gorilla Ringtone. Download Gorilla Bruno Mars - Free Ringtones

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Free Gorilla ringtone ringtone by Bruno Mars

1   Download the ringtone to the PC by clicking the button below.

2   Connect your phone to your computer via USB, or using a microSD adapter to connect your microSD card to your computer.

3   You can access the device via "My Computer" on your PC. If your phone does not mount automatically, touch the USB icon that appears in the menu bar at the top of the display, drag it down to expose the Android Notification Panel, then tap on "USB Connected" and select "Mount" (or "Disk Drive").

4   Navigate to your Android phone's root directory and transfer the ringtones to either of the following folders:
If these folders do not exist, you can use window explorer to create them yourself.

5   Disconnect your phone, and you are ready to use the new ringtones. If you don't see the ringtone you just added, just reboot the phone.

Download Bruno Mars Gorilla By Tlentz Ringtone - Mp3 RingTones

Bruno Mars Gorilla By Tlentz Ringtone

Uploaded : 11 months ago


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