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Satanism FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Satanism
Satanism FAQ

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This Satanism FAQ is here to answer some of the most common questions asked in Satanism.

These are the kinds of Satanism questions that are often asked on forums and groups. A Satanism FAQ is necessary to answer these basic questions that the public wants to know.

This Satanism FAQ is based on my research and experience of being a Satanist for over 25 years.

Also, special thanks to my friends Maldoror and Darwin from the Satanity Chatroom. They gave their additional input for common questions for this Satanism FAQ


What is Satanism?

Satanism is complex. Satanism is a diverse set of beliefs and practices that focuses on the central figure of Satan. Some Satanists worship Satan, while others do not. Some have a spiritual way of life, while other Satanists are materialist and atheist and use Satan as a source of inspiration. Some approach it as a religion and others understand Satanism as a philosophy.

In a Satanic survey written in 2001, it was found that most Satanists are adults, some who have college degrees, and are found all throughout the world. Todays Satanism is a landscape of atheist, religious, and spiritual groups and individuals all practicing what they feel best represents Satanism for them. See my article: Is Satanism a Religion or Philosophy?

People become Satanists for various reasons. My essay, Why Do People Become Satanists? explores some of these ideas on why people choose to become a Satanist.

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How many different kinds of Satanism exist?

Satanism is a variety of beliefs and practices. For this Satanism FAQ here is a brief list of some of the more common types of Satanism available out there today:

    • Atheistic Satanism Youll find groups like the Church of Satan, and the Satanic Temple who promote atheistic Satanism. For them, Satan represents a symbolic, materialistic philosophy. Their rituals are symbolic, working with the concept of intellectual decompression. They use psychological magic that focuses on physical persuasion and symbolism. Their focus is on the here and now, and making the most of life while we are alive. See the article: Are All Satanists Atheist?
    • Gnostic Satanism Gnostic Satanists also have a variety of beliefs and practices. Some of them stem from the occult group Current 218. This group accepts that chaos is part of the natural order of existence. But along with this chaos, they seek destruction. In essence, they want to destroy any trace of existence. They recognize existence as limitation, and its destruction as the ultimate freedom.
    • Luciferian Luciferians focus on the figure of Lucifer either as a Gnostic liberator, or as a central figure of worship. Luciferians replace Satan as a central figure. They use the stories and mythology of Lucifer for their rites, rituals and magic. Luciferians are on this list because you will find many of them in the same places online as Satanists. They are a part of the Left Hand Path.
    • Traditional / Theistic Theistic Satanists recognize Satan as a god. They are often involved in Satanic worship. Their magic and rituals work by metaphysical and religious principles. Some Theistic Satanists feel that Satan was creator of the earth. They have their own mythologies and stories based on these ideas. Traditional Satanists may use mythology and stories from the medieval era as a source and focus for their Satanic teachings.
    • Spiritual / Independent / Self-Styled This is an eclectic style of Satanism where the Satanist creates their own method of spirituality. Some worship Satan, and others take a more personal spiritual route without the need for worship. Beliefs about the origins and age of Satan can vary. Independents dont belong to a church or organization. Rituals and magical practices vary according to personal taste. See the article: What is Spiritual Satanism?

For an interesting read on the demographics of Satanism, see: Who Serves Satan? A Demographic and Ideological Profile (PDF), authored by JR Lewis, 2001.

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Is Satanism real?

Yes, Satanism is real. In centuries past, Christian culture painted a dark and evil picture of Satanism and devil worship. They used the figure of Satan to demonize the Jewish people, the Muslims, social orders like the Templars, and any other peoples who were not Christian.

We do not have an accurate record of Satanist groups or Satanism as a social movement before the last century. Satanism wasnt established in society until it was finally able to emerge without the threat of Christian retaliation.

The establishment of Satanism as a social movement didnt appear until 1969. It happened with Anton LaVey and the creation of the Church of Satan. Since then it has branched out into a diverse belief system.

Satanism was also recognized in 1976 in the Army Chaplains handbook with a funeral rite. Satanism is also protected by the US constitution under freedom of religion. For further reading visit my post at the Spiritual Satanist Blog: Is Satanism Legal in America

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Can I join Satanism?

It is easy to join Satanism. There is no need to join an organization if you want to become a Satanist. You have the option to self-initiate with a personal pact with Satan, or remain independent and self-styled.

However, Satanic groups and organizations are available for you to join if you feel the need to socialize and be a part of a collective.

Satanist organizations vary according to what they offer. Some are religious and others are atheist. Some organizations, like the Church of Satan, have guidelines that they expect their adherents to follow. Other organizations are more lenient when it comes to rules and regulations.

There are plenty of organizations to chose from. If you decide to join, do yourself a favor and check their reputation online before you join. For some considerations, see my essay on Cults and Cult Leaders

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Does Satanism have a bible?

Yes, Satanism has a bible of sorts. The most famous example is the Satanic Bible. This book outlines the philosophy of the Church of Satan. There are also other books that serve as bibles. Most of them focus on the teachings of individual Satanist organizations.

Other established religions have ancient documents translated and rewritten for modern times. Satanism doesnt have this.

There is one exception, however. Some Traditional or Theistic Satanists use the Al-Jilwah as a bible. They claim that the Al-Jilwah serves as a Satanic religious book. For them it may serve as proof for them of Satans ancient origins.

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Do Satanists sacrifice animals?

No, most Satanists do not sacrifice animals. The idea that Satanists sacrifice humans and animals comes from Christian beliefs.

Christians are not an authority on who Satanists are and what they do. Throughout the 1980s, Christians disrupted society with their false accusations about Satanists. Their unfounded claims created a culture of fear that believed Satanists sacrificed and humans. Authors, television producers, preachers, lawyers, courts, and counselors profited from this scheme.

Unfortunately, some people believe this Christian lie. They act out according to what Christians believe about Satanists. For an explanation of this phenomenon read my article on the Satanic Panic.

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Do Satanists believe in Jesus or the Christian God?

It depends on who you talk to, as with anything in Satanism, beliefs vary. Some Satanists believe that Satan is the ruler of the earth, and that the Christian god is an invading enemy.

Others dont even recognize the Christian god at all. Some use the ideas from the Christian Bible and religion to paint Christians as being weak and subservient. Even still other Satanists may be atheist, so their belief in a god is unimportant.

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Do Satanists believe in heaven or hell?

Again, it all depends on who you talk to when it comes to beliefs of the afterlife. Atheistic Satanist generally dont believe anything about the afterlife at all. They feel that life is meant for living, and that they should make the best of the here and now.

Other religious or Spiritual Satanists may feel that the Christian definitions of heaven and hell dont apply to them. Since they arent Christian, why should they believe in it?

Still, other more Traditional Satanists feel that there is a hell, and that Satan resides there. So as you can see beliefs vary among different types of Satanists. For more information, see my blog post at the Spiritual Satanist Blog: What Do Satanists Believe About the Afterlife?

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Do Satanists believe in Sin?

Generally, no, because sin is a part of Christian teachings. Sin creates a sense of guilt where the participant is then rewarded with salvation. This cycle of sin and redemption provides a never ending loop that is hard to break free from.

Many Satanists accept that we are animal by nature. We have no need to suffer through the psychological pain of sin that Christianity offers. We are born as we are without the need to feel guilty for existing.

Some would say that the idea of sin controls how others live their lives. Many Satanists focus on ethics instead of morality. For an exploration of how Satanists can leave Christianity behind visit: On Leaving Christianity, Advice From a Satanist

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Do Satanists have a Golden Rule or a Moral law to follow?

Generally no. Many Satanists cite the Satanic Bible, which has the 11 Rules of the Earth. These rules gave Satanists an ethical guideline. Most Satanists are law abiding individuals and have no need for a moral guideline.

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Is demonic possession real?

Some feel that it is real. Here are some of my theories on demonic possession that explore why it happens. Some people are suggestible and they allow themselves to act out as if they have a demon within them. Sometimes it is for attention, or it could serve as a spiritual outlet.

Other times, signs of demonic possession should be investigated as a mental disorder. This is prevalent in Christianity, where people may pay for an exorcism to be released from demons. The downside is that many people who need medical help instead of spiritual exorcism remain un-diagnosed.

In Satanism and Demonolatry, demon possession is practiced by some. A demon is invoked so that the spirit of that demon can become one with the magician. People do this for varying reasons, but most often it is for spiritual enlightenment or personal spiritual integration.

Other world religions also work with the principles of spirit possession. One example is with the practice of voodoo where the spirits of the Loa are invoked by a priest. The Loa serve as an intermediary spirit between their god and humanity. Similar practices can be found in Santeria as well. So this phenomenon is not restricted only to Satanism, occultism and Christianity.

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Can I sign a pact with Satan to make me rich?

Believe me if it were that easy, everyone would do it! The myth of pact signing for riches and fame comes from Christianity. In the tale of Faust, he summons the devil and sells his soul for temporary fame. Afterwards the devil returns to claim it back. This is a Christian cautionary tale about soul selling. For details on this visit my post at the Spiritual Satanist blog: Satan Make Me Rich (or Popular, Or..)

Pact making in Satanism generally serves two purposes. First, it creates an outlet for self initiation into Satanism. Additionally, pact-making allows the Satanist to create a personal bond with Satan. This is an important step in becoming a Satanist.

If you want to try and sell your soul, an immaterial object, for something material you are welcome to try. Of course then you will also have to wrestle with the idea that your soul does not belong to you. This is because you are going against the Christian god to accomplish this.

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Can you go back after becoming a Satanist or Signing a Pact?

Yes, there is nothing stopping you from abandoning Satanism. If you change your mind at some point, you are free to return to Christianity or wherever it is you want to go. I am not aware that Satan seeks revenge on people who want to walk away. You can return to Satanism anytime you are ready to make a commitment.

This is an important question, so I explored this idea in depth with reader Q&A at the Spiritual Satanist Blog: Breaking Your Pact With Satan? Three Things You Should Know

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Where can I find books on Satanism?

Books on Satanism are easier to find now than they were ten years ago. Many books published on Satanism serve as manuals and guides for Satanic organizations. Still there are some useful information in these kinds of books. You should at the very least read read the Satanic Bible if you are new to Satanism.

For a complete list please visit the Satanic Reading List, and also, visit my Left Hand Path Books Blog. You are sure to find something that interests you if you want to increase your knowledge of Satanism, Magic and the Occult.

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If you have a question that you feel should belong on this Satanism FAQ page, take a moment to contact me.

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satanism in celebrities
Famous People You Didn't Know Had Connections To Satanism

The mere mention ofSatanismmay evokethoughts of human sacrifice and evil incarnate, but the modern Church of Satan does not actually believe in the devil. Rather, they preach individualism, claiming to be the peaceful adversaries of the religious world. Peter Gilmore, the current high priest of the Church of Satan, said in a 2007 Wikinews interview, "Satanism begins withatheism."

In 1966,Anton LaVeyfounded the Church of Satan. LaVey, an author and occultist, became a minor celebrityin his own right, using over-indulgence and shock value to attractattention - and major celebrities -to his organization. As a result, many famous individuals have surprising connections to LaVey and the Church of Satan.

Sammy Davis, Jr. is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Famous People You Didn't Know Had Connections To Satanism
Photo:Jay Bernstein Public Relations/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Rumor has it that the late singer, actor, and comedian Sammy Davis Jr. was introduced to the Church of Satan and Anton LaVey at an orgy in 1968. Five years later, Davis starred in a failed sitcom pilot titledPoor Devil, in which he played a demon from hell, and reportedlyearned a title from the church: Warlock II. Despite the title, Davis had converted to Judaismafter a car accident in 1954 and showed no signs of joining the Church of Satan.

Age: Dec. at 64 (1925-1990)

Birthplace: Harlem, NY, USA

More Sammy Davis, Jr.

#88 of 198 on The Greatest Male Pop Singers of All Time #86 of 139 on The Best Solo Artists Who Used to Front a Band #43 of 129 on The Greatest Broadway Stars of All Time featuring How Did Sammy Davis Jr. End Up $15 Million In Debt?

see more on Sammy Davis, Jr.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Sometimes famous people chose very unreal religions and cultus. Read about the most famous celebrities who are fond of Satanism.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

We live in such incredible time when each person is a master of himself or herself. We can do everything we want, go where we want, eat what we decide ourselves. And our freedom is much wider than these usual, daily actions. We are free to choose the person whom we want to be the leader of our country and we can choose what to believe in.

Due to the freedom of religion we are able to make our own choice about this private and important issue and no one can judge us. Usually, most people choose between the most widespread and popular religions, such as Christianity, Islam or Catholicism. Sometimes they can make less popular choice, for example, Buddhism or Hinduism. And no one is going to be surprised by this decision.

But modern world gives an opportunity not only to choose the religion freely but also to invent. Probably, it is much easier to create your own religion than you think. A person can create his or her own church without any difficulties. You should just give the substantial answers to the questions of the human kind and find people who will share your ideas. You can even register it officially if you meet all the demands of the law.

The bright example of such kind of religion is Pastafarian. They spread the idea of a flying spaghetti monster all over the world.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Another unusual, but quite popular religion is satanism. It has many believers in many countries of the planet and is constantly getting more and more new believers.

Among them, there are many famous celebrities. Probably, because it is already not very interesting and unusual to be a Scientologist, so they are looking for new ways to shock the publicity. Or, maybe, they sincerely share the ideology of Satanists.

We will never know exactly

Satanic religion is comparatively new one. It appeared only in the middle of the previous century. If you imagine people in mantles, worshiping the Devil and making the bloody sacrifice at the altar, you are wrong. It is a kind of myth.

Actually, Satanism is a contrariety to traditional Christian virtues and postulates. This religion is aimed at the usage of practical common sense and justice, as well as encouragement of benevolence and sympathy. It is not even a real religion, it is kind of world outlook, philosophy.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

People who prefer this religion they do not actually worship the Devil in a biblical sense. They suppose the Satan to be a symbol of rebels against tyranny and authority. You may be surprised, but many adherents of Satanism are really atheists. Satan is not an identity, it is an archetype. It is the tale of traits, such as change, development and pursuance of self-development. It is a desire to become a real personality.

Moreover, those people think that religion should be based on science and critical reasoning, not on supernatural and superstitious ideas. There is no common canon, and each Satanists chooses for himself his own life journey, so they often are out of tune with the agreed standards.

There are even some subgroups of Satanists. Now this religion is fastly growing. For example, in the USA it was practically legalised not long ago. And now there are even special additional courses at schools which would be backed financially by the state government.

Of course, such interesting and unusual cultus cannot be neglected by superstars, who are always eager to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Read about the celebrities fond of Satanism.

The most famous celebrity engaged in Satanic cult is Marilyn Manson.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Probably, no one expected that the cute boy from the church is one day going to become one of the first and most famous the adherent of Satanic church. According to the musician, he combined in his name two things: lightness - actress Marilyn Monroe and darkness - Charles Manson, to show the thin line that divides in human life beautiful and terrible sides, genius and madness. But leaving people to wonder what is meant by beautiful, Manson from the very beginning sought to cause public Shock.

Jayne Mansfield, the famous Hollywood actress, is a person who stood at the origins of Satanism. Many people suppose that her death in a car accident is directly connected with her religion. But at the beginning of her worship, Jayne Mansfield acknowledged that for the first time in her life, she found a philosophy through which she could be a businesswoman, an intellectual, a mother and a beauty at the same time. Competitors will not condemn such for original sin.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Many people see some special secret satanic signs in a music and image of famous pop-diva Lady Gaga. There is no exact information about that, but she is supposed to be influenced by this cultus. This assumption was expressed by the maid of one of the hotels where the pop singer stayed. After her stay in the room, the maid found the bathtub full of blood.

About this the maid has reported to thier Concierge, Andrea Miller. The maid immediately advised to forget about it, and now her name shall be kept secret from the press. We only know that she works in a London hotel Intercontinental.

READ ALSO: 10 unsolved mysteries about Satan

Legends of rock-n-roll, idols of millions of teenagers of their time, Elvis Presley and John Lennon were also suspected of Satanism, as in some of their songs are seen covered implication and worshiping of Devil.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Of course, another famous rock band, KISS, did everything to shock the public by their horrible masks and images. Their songs also are sometimes frightening ordinary listeners.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

In the creative work of Nicki Minaj are traced attributes of the satanic cult, she is accused of carrying out some rituals in public.

Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, are also rumoured to be Satanists.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

If to take for true the information about the direct connection between Satanism and Illuminati, then we can also designate many Nigerian celebrities as Satanists.

Celebrities involved in Satanism, who are they?

Such as Tiwa Savage, Goldie, Charly Boy, Don Jazzy and so on.

knowncelebritiesinvolvedinsatanism - Bing

Celebrities believe in all sorts of crazy things, like The Secret or Xenu or yoga. But there's an invisible line they won't cross, because if they do, they know that public opinion would turn against them so thoroughly that it would utterly ruin their career.

  • Autor: Jakeflores

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