Kanye west concert tour schedule

kanye west concert tour schedule

kanye west concert tour schedule
Kanye West tour dates 2019 2020. Kanye West tickets and concerts | Wegow

Kanye West is a man with an ego as large as his bank account - and for good reason. After spending a year in Chicago State University, he moved to NYC to start a career. Getting his break by producing tracks for Jay-Z, Kayne cemented his ground by laying tracks for artists like Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Ludacris. Kanye cut a demo for himself, which Jay-Z's label picked up. Shooting through five albums in six years, Kanye also become notorious for his random outbursts of his own opinion. Losing his beloved mother, Donda West, in 2007 hit Kanye hard, but he pressed on releasing an album and racking up two Grammys in two different genres. Whether he's on tour, in the videoclip you're watching or simply blogging (usually in ALL CAPS), Kanye definitely commands center stage. With fourteen Grammy awards under his belt - and more coming, for sure, he's an unstoppable force. Working with numerous artists on different collaborations, such as with superstar Katy Perry or lesser-known Estelle, has proven to work harmoniously for him. Attend a Kanye West concert or a festival in which he's included in and you're in store for a full fledged display of a "the world revolves around me" attitude. And it works. Kanye embodies the everyday man with high end controversary.

kanye west concert tour schedule

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