Celebrities iq

celebrities iq

celebrities iq
IQs of Famous People & Celebrities

When we think of celebrities, we tend to think about glamour and glitz, and these people are generally in the entertainment business. This can mean that the famous individual is an actor or actress, director, musical performer, et cetera. But one thing that celebrities may not be so well known for is just how intelligent they truly are. So, we’ll do our best to shine some light on some of the brainier stars out there in our list of celebrities who possess high IQs.

First NameLast NameIQ ScoreSource SpiroAgnew135link TroyAikman118link JessicaAlba151link MuhammadAli78link MuhammadAli78link PaulAllen170link SimonAmbrose174link Mike Anderson96link RowanAtkinson178link RowanAtkinson178link JeanAuel140link TyraBanks120link AngelaBassett130link KateBeckinsale160link KateBeckinsale160link Ludwig VanBeethoven165link DavidBerkowitz118link MayimBialik150link MayimBialik163link DrewBledso134link TomBrady126link DrewBrees116link JordanaBrewster120link JordanaBrewster130link Chris Brown85link KobeBryant114link WarrenBufffet145link TedBundy124link George H.W.Bush130link George W.Bush124link Donald Byrne170link MariahCarey95link AsiaCarrera156link AsiaCarrera156link James Earl "Jimmy"Carter153link JimmyCarter153link MadonnaCiccone140link MadonnaCiccone140link HillaryClinton140link HillaryClinton140link BillClinton137link Anderson Cooper123link Francis FordCoppola117link CourteneyCox122link Cindy Crawford154link Cindy Crawford154link Tom Cruise125link TomCruise94link JayCutler112link Miley Cyrus120link MileyCyrus120link BobbyCzyz140link JeffreyDahmer145link MattDamon160link Matt Damon160link ClaireDanes140link BobbyDarin137link CharlesDarwin165link BrendanDassey70link GeenaDavis140link GeenaDavis140link RichardDawkins165link CharlesDickens180link SnoopDogg147link David Duchovny147link DavidDuchovny147link Thomas Edison145link Albert Einstein160link Dwight D.Eisenhower122link John Elway120link PhilipEmeagwali190link AnnaFaris140link BrettFavre104link BrettFavre104link Colin Firth153link GeraldFord121link GeraldFord121link Francis Ford Coppola117link JodieFoster132link Jodie Foster132link JamesFranco130link JamesFranco130link Al Franken110link BenjaminFranklin160link John WayneGacy118link LadyGaga166link JaneaneGarofalo105link BillGates180link Bill Gates160link Al Gore134link NolanGould150link NolanGould150link ArianaGrande105link SashaGrey140link BrianGriese138link George H.W. Bush130link David Hasselhoff73link TonyHawk144link StephenHawking160link Stephen Hawking160link GoldieHawn130link GlenneHeadly140link ParisHilton120link ChristopherHirata225link AdolfHitler141link DexterHolland170link DexterHolland160link JudyHolliday172link Judy Holliday172link VanessaHudgens99link ShakiraIsabel Mebarak Ripoll140link ReggieJackson160link Reggie Jackson160link FamkeJanssen124link Thomas Jefferson160link MylesJeffrey165link KenJeong130link KenJeong130link Ron Jeremy120link SteveJobs160link JimmyJohnson143link Lyndon B.Johnson126link AngelinaJolie120link Tommy LeeJones135link Tommy LeeJones135link Michael Jordan154link Kourtney Kardashian95link KourtneyKardashian95link GarryKasparov190link Garry Kasparov194link MegynKelly133link John F.Kennedy119link John F.Kennedy119link JohnKerry123link John Kerry123link AliciaKeys154link AliciaKeys154link NicoleKidman132link NicoleKidman132link KrisKristofferson163link LisaKudrow154link Lisa Kudrow154link AshtonKutcher160link Ashton Kutcher160link ChrisLangan195link JenniferLawrence120link Jennifer Lawrence120link HenryLee Lucas89link JayLeno110link Jay Leno110link Nathan Leopold210link David Letterman120link DavidLetterman120link ScottLevy143link Raven (Scott)Levy143link RushLimbaugh137link DolphLundgren160link DolphLundgren160link Eli Manning138link PeytonManning116link JayneMansfield163link CharlesManson109link DanMarino92link SteveMartin142link SteveMartin142link DanicaMcKellar154link DonovanMcNabb88link DennisMiller135link DennisMiller135link NickiMinaj100link MarilynMonroe168link JimMorrison147link JimmyMorrison147link Johannes Mozart165link EllenMuth156link BenjaminNetanyahu180link JulieNewman135link JulieNewmar135link IsaacNewton190link Richard G.Nixon143link EdwardNorton134link LupitaNyong'o150link Conan O.Brien160link BarackObama145link MichelleObama115link SashaObama146link ConanO'Brien160link BrendanO'Carroll153link MasiOka189link ShaquilleO'Neil101link BillO'Reilly150link Bill O'Reilly150link TitoOrtiz90link Lee HarveyOswald118link AlPacino110link Al Pacino110link SarahPalin120link NeilPeart150link KatyPerry115link JuliePeterson155link NickyPiper153link BradPitt115link Brad Pitt115link JuditPolgar170link NataliePortman140link NataliePortman140link Chris Pratt125link VladimirPutin127link AlanRachins152link BarRafaeli70link Ronald Reagan105link ChristopherReeves160link Ronald Regan105link Shakira Ripoll140link PhilipRivers120link AaronRodgers130link BenRoethlisberger110link SethRogan110link Seth Rogen110link Franklin D.Roosevelt147link KeshaRose Sebert140link Richard G.Rosner192link BernieSanders119link AdamSandler100link JimmySavile149link Arnold Schwarzenegger132link Arnold Schwarzenegger135link NormanSchwarzkopf170link KeshaSebert140link LauraShields158link JolaSigmond161link GeneSimmons117link LisaSimpson159link OJSimpson89link CliveSinclair159link Will Smith115link MiraSorvino125link KevinSpacey137link KevinSpacey137link BritneySpears100link Tori Spelling85link Jerry Springer150link JillSt. John162link SylvesterStallone160link SylvesterStallone160link Ben Stein150link BillStein150link HowardStern99link SharonStone154link SharonStone148link MerylStreep143link MerylStreep143link John Sununu180link TerenceTao230link QuentinTarantino160link QuentinTarantino160link Tim Tebow104link TilaTequila90link JenniferTilly120link AlexTrebek143link Harry S.Truman132link HarryTruman132link Donald Trump156link Donald Trump156link AishaTyler156link MikeTyson105link Mike Tyson105link EddieVan Halen125link CarolVorderman154link MarilynVos Savant228link George W. Bush124link AndyWarhol86link AndyWarhol86link George Washington 118link EmmaWatson138link Emma Watson138link LilWayne96link KanyeWest115link AndrewWiles170link RobinWilliams140link Robin Williams140link Oprah Winfrey136link JamesWoods180link JamesWoods180link Kim UngYong210link SteveYoung126link MarkZuckerberg152link

Jodie Foster (1989).jpg
By photo by Alan Light, CC BY 2.0, Link

Jodie Foster

This actress is known for such iconic films as Silence of the Lambs and Taxi Driver. And while Jodie Foster is a fantastic actress, she is also highly intelligent, with an IQ of 132. She graduated from her prep school as Valedictorian and attended Yale University after graduation. She has a bachelor’s degree in Literature and she is an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.

Nicole Kidman.02.jpg
By Michael Albov (mikegoat) – Flickr, CC BY 2.0, Link

Nicole Kidman

Another actress who possesses a high IQ is Nicole Kidman. She has performed in films such as Moulin Rouge and The Others. Ms. Kidman has an IQ of 132.

Madonna 1990 cropped.jpg
By photo by Alan Light, CC BY 2.0, Link


Madonna is a household name when it comes to pop music, but one thing that may not be so known about her is just how intelligent she really is. Madonna possesses an IQ of 140.

Shakira Stops By Soundcheck cropped.jpg
By Shakira_Stops_By_Soundcheck.jpg: Carrie Stern from USA
derivative work: Jonathas Davi (talk) – Shakira_Stops_By_Soundcheck.jpg, CC BY 2.0, Link


Shakira is another famous individual who claims her fame from performing in the musical arts. She is also a celebrity possessing a high IQ, at 140. Shakira has not only successfully opened a school in her hometown, located in the country of Columbia, she has been honored as a guest speaker at the fabulous University of Oxford. Previous individuals given this honor include Mother Teresa,
Albert Einstein, and Dalai Lama XIV.

Steve Martin 2011.jpg
By Joella Marano, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Steve Martin

This famous individual is known for his work as a funny man in Saturday Night Live, and various films released during the 1980s and 1990s. Mr. Martin is also a highly intelligent individual, with an IQ of 142. He attended California State University and majored in the subject of Philosophy. He even considered becoming a professor for some time.

Stephen Hawking 2013.png
By Intel Free Press – https://www.flickr.com/photos/intelfreepress/8406010307/sizes/o/in/photostream/, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Stephen Hawking

Another famous individual who possessed a high IQ (unfortunately, he is deceased) was Stephen Hawking. He created such works as A Brief History of Time and The Theory of Everything. He had an IQ of 160.

Dolph Lundgren (15186029635).jpg
By Eva Rinaldi – Dolph Lundren, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Dolph Lundgren

Known for playing Ivan Drago, Mr. Lundgren is a celebrity with a very high IQ indeed. He possessed a master’s degree in chemical engineering, which he received in the country of Sweden.

Quentin Tarantino Cannes 2014.jpg
By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is the name behind such works as Pulp Fiction and Django: Unchained. He is a director and writer who claims a high IQ – 160. He did not finish high school but went on to write some of the best scripts (arguably) of all time.

We know many names in the entertainment industry for the works they have produced, written, or had a part in creating. But that does not mean that there are not some highly intelligent individuals who have become household names. Some honorable mentions when it comes to celebrities with high IQs are Paul Allen, James Woods, and Reggie Jackson.

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Celebrities with High IQs

A person’s Intelligence Quotient – or IQ – is determined using a series of standardized tests that have been designed to assess an individual’s intelligence. The tests themselves are a source of controversy with some suggesting the IQ is not an accurate measure of intelligence but generally speaking, a person’s IQ can play a big role in what kind of career path they choose and how well they do in that field.

source: IQ.com

Above, you’ll see that basic outline of what IQ means and how most of the world stacks up. That mountain in the middle represents where most of us would rank. Let’s put it in perspective by looking at the expected career paths of individuals within specific IQ ranges:

  • IQ of 87: Unskilled workers (no special training or special skills)
  • IQ of 92: Semi-skilled workers (truck drivers, factory workers etc)
  • IQ of 101: Skilled workers (clerical workers, sales professionals, electricians, craftsmen and foremen etc)
  • IQ of 104: Managers and administrators (received 1-3 years of college education in a specific field)
  • IQ of 112: Professional or technical workers (estate agents, surveyors, environmental or forensic scientists, educators etc)
  • IQ of 125: Lawyers, doctors (PhDs, JDs, MDs)
  • IQ of 135: Neurosurgeons, research scientists, university professors

Of course, the above is just an average representation of the practical application of IQ scores. While there are very few college graduates that fall below an IQ of 90, it is not completely unheard of. In addition, having a high IQ does not necessarily mean the individual will choose to pursue a career in science, medicine or education. There are exceptions to every rule. The celebrities on this list are just a mere sampling of those exceptions. I’ve listed these smart celebrities in order from lowest IQ to highest IQ. Enjoy!

source: moviespad.com

Jodie Foster

Profession: Actress
IQ: 132
Notable Achievements:

  • Academy Award winner
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Yale
    source: SexyWallpaper.in

Nicole Kidman

Profession: Actress
IQ: 132
Notable Achievements:

  • Academy Award winner
  • Companion of the Order of Australia recipient
  • Good will ambassador of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (2006)
  • Good will ambassador for UNICEF (1994)
    source: Shockya.com

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Profession: Actor, bodybuilder, politician, businessman, director
IQ: 135
Notable Achievements:

  • The Governor of California (2003-2011)
  • Multiple Saturn Award nominations
  • Annual bodybuilding competition, Arnold Classic, in his honor
  • Youngest bodybuilder to become Mr. Olympia (1970, age 23)
  • Won Mr. Olympia contest seven times (1970-1975, 1980
    source: QuotesBy.co.uk

Geena Davis

Profession: Actress
IQ: 140
Notable Achievements:

  • Member of Mensa
  • Olympian (archery)
  • Academy Award winner
  • Fluent in Swedish
  • Bachelor’s degree in drama from Boston University
  • Founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
    source: Gala.fr


Profession: Musician, actress, director, business woman, icon
IQ: 140
Notable Achievements:

  • Grammy award winner
  • Golden Globe nominee
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee
  • Best selling female rock artist of the 20th century
  • Founder of Maverick (entertainment company)
  • I could go on all day
    source: GraphicsHunt.com


Profession: Musician
IQ: 140
Notable Achievements:

  • Highest selling Colombian artist of all time
  • First artist to reach number one on Billboard Mainstream and Latin charts at the same time
  • Nominated for Goodwill Ambassador by Pope John Paul II in 1998
  • Named Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year (2011)
  • Awarded medal by the UN’s International Labor Organization
  • Opened a school in her hometown
  • Guest speaker at the University of Oxford (previous honorees include US presidents, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama XIV and Einstein)
  • UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • Statue of her stands in her hometown
    source: y-oh-y.blogspot.com

Steve Martin

Profession: Actor, writer, comedian, musician
IQ: 142
Notable Achievements:

  • Emmy award winner
  • Grammy award winner
  • American Comedy award winner
  • Host of the Academy Awards
    source: WhosDatedWho.com

Scott Levy AKA: The Raven

Profession: Professional Athlete (wrestling), actor, musician
IQ: 143
Notable Achievements:

  • Member of Mensa
  • Member of Theta Chi Fraternity
  • 2 time ECW World Heavyweight Champion
  • 4 time ECW Tag Team Champion
  • NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion
  • USA Pro Champion
  • VCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • WCW Light Heavyweight Champion
  • WCW United States Heavyweight Champion
  • WCW World Tag Team Champion
  • 26 time WWE Hardcore Champion
    source: Celebs101.com

Asia Carerra

Profession: Adult film star
IQ: 156
Notable Achievements:

  • Member of Mensa
  • Received full academic scholarship to Rutgers University
  • Performed at Carnegie Hall twice before age 15
  • Taught English in Japan before age 16
  • Star of roughly 370 adult films
  • AVN Performer of the Year (1995)
  • AVN Best Couples Sex Scene (2000)
  • AVN Best Actress nominee (2000)
  • AVN Hall of Fame inductee
    source: nigel0502.blogspot.com

Laura Shields

Profession: Model, actress
IQ: 158
Notable Achievements:

  • Member of Mensa
  • Degree in chemical engineering from Leeds University
  • Miss UK International winner
  • Miss Europe contestant (3rd runner up)
  • Briefcase model on Deal or No Deal
    source: accesshollywood.com

Dolph Lundgren

Profession: Actor
IQ: 160
Notable Achievements:

  • Degree in chemical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Master’s Degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney
  • Fulbright Scholarship recipient
  • Two time European Kyokushin karate champion (1980, 1981)
  • Captain of Sweden’s Kyokushin karate team at the World Open Tournament (1979)
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kyokyshin karate

*Dolph has claimed his IQ is not 160 but has declined to further clarify. All sources I could find state 160 is accurate*

source: bleedingcool.com

Quentin Tarantino

Profession: Writer, director, actor
IQ: 160
Notable Achievements:

  • Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Critic’s Choice Award recipient
  • Palme d’Or at the Cannes International Film Festival
  • Academy Award Winner
  • Academy Award Nominee
  • Empire Awards Icon of the Decade (2005)
  • Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic recipient
    source: celebrityandcelebrity.blogspot.com

Reggie Jackson

Profession: Professional athlete (baseball)
IQ: 160
Notable Achievements:

  • Batted .550 and pitched several no hitters in his senior year in high school
  • Excelled at football, baseball, track and field and basketball in school
  • Scouted by colleges in Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma
  • Several trips to the World Series
  • Member of 500 Home Run club
  • One of the top 300 home run hitters in baseball
  • Leader in career stolen bases
  • Hall of Fame inductee (1993)
  • One of eight players to have his number retired by more than one team
  • One of three players to have two different numbers retired by two Major League Baseball teams
  • Plaque dedicated to him in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium
    source: trailershut.com

James Woods

Profession: Actor
IQ: 180
Notable Achievements:

  • Is ambidextrous
  • Emmy award winner
  • Academy Award nominee
  • Member of Mensa
  • Member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity
  • Placed 24th at the L.A. Poker Classic
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame star recipient
  • Received full scholarship to MIT but dropped out to pursue acting
  • Enrolled in the UCLA linear algebra course while in high school
  • Scored 800 on verbal portion of SATs (perfect) and 779 on the math portion

Of course there are many highly intelligent celebrities I haven’t included on this list as I wanted to focus specifically on IQ. Natalie Portman, Mayim Bialik and James Franco are all incredibly intelligent celebrities who have accomplished a lot in both their entertainment and education careers but I wasn’t able to find information on an actual IQ score.

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