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Expressions in Concrete
Expressions in Concrete is a seasoned contractor in the surface maintenance business. Joe Cajigas, the company’s owner, founded the company in 1989 and has a wide range of experience in the paver sealer market. Expressions in Concrete’s customers include residential and commercial driveways, patios, pool decks, garage floors and walkways with substrates such as travertine, marble, concrete, and natural stone and slate as well as Euro Tile and spray deck. With 20 years of experience and the support of the Surfacelogix team, Joe is able to correct failed sealing jobs by other companies

One of Select Paver's customers brought a problem to Chris recently regarding a coating which was deteriorating. The customer wasn't sure if the sealer was solvent based or water based. As the problem was difficult to describe, Chris took a picture with his cell phone and transmitted the image by text message to SurfaceLogix. Within minutes he had an answer back recommending various tests he could perform and solutions to the problem. SurfaceLogix staff, possessing decades of experience with cleaning and sealing problems, work closely with newcomers to the industry like Chris and provide readily available technical support.

The Solution
Select Paver worked closely with SurfaceLogix on the development of Cobble Loc and believes that green, environmentally friendly products like Cobble Loc are the wave of the future. "Cobble Loc has had an impact on our productivity; I think it will transform the industry. It is a little more expensive, but is worth it," according to Chris. He likes the fact that the coating can be put down even when a surface is wet; therefore the weather has a smaller impact on their work schedule. He also believes the product will hold up better over time than a solvent based product.

Some hardscapes such as Old Chicago Brick hold moisture, making application of a sealer difficult. To get an enhanced wet look and seal the bricks, Select Paver uses Cobble Loc, a water based product, because a solvent based product won't work. Cobble Loc is also VOC compliant in all 50 states. Chris also thinks highly of 139 Impregnator from SurfaceLogix that provides a natural look and is environmentally friendly. In making his sales pitch, Chris always emphasizes green products, their pros and cons, because he thinks it's the right thing to do and his customers are increasingly sensitive to the issue.

Chris has found through product use and customer reaction that products manufactured by SurfaceLogix are top quality across the line. He has tried other manufacturers but found that they don't compare. He believes the SurfaceLogix products are fairly priced, particularly given the quality and durability of the product. And his customers are extremely pleased with the results.

Why choose SurfaceLogix
Chris Kooker has been dedicated to SurfaceLogix since he began his business. In the early days of the company he would turn to the SurfaceLogix staff to discuss details of the business such as the advantages of airless sprayer vs. rolled application. With decades of experience, the SurfaceLogix team can get Chris the correct and best information for his surface prep and protection. For example, the best way to remove flaky or milky sealant, and the best application processes for his particular job. He appreciates that the staff is always available by phone and eager to help. He no longer has to take notes when they talk on the phone, but he still turns to them for advice on a regular basis. Most important is the quality of the product. Chris avoids the products offered by the big box stores---he chooses product from SurfaceLogix every time.

South Florida Seal Coating

Customer Description & Names
South Florida Sealcoating (SFSC) is a contractor that preserves and protects any flatwork. Materials that the company specializes in include exterior concrete, pavers, stamped concrete, and marble. The company serves both commercial and residential customers and works predominantly on patios, pool decks and driveways.

Typical problems addressed by SFSC include whiting or blushing of sealant applied to the hardscape in prior years. According to the President of the company, Cody Woodfell, coatings in this condition almost always require stripping off the old coating and applying a new sealant. Frequently the substrate needs to be cleaned of rust and oil, requiring cleaning and removal before applying a new protective sealant. The majority of his customers want color change or enhancement as well.

The Solution
SFSC uses the entire line of SurfaceLogix in their work. Cody finds that Cobble H2O and Cobble Loc have been "simply super". He finds them both excellent products. As an applicator, he is indifferent between water-borne and solvent-borne products offered by SurfaceLogix; however the customer might have a preference for one over the other. He finds that 75% of his customers require the old sealant to be stripped off before a new coat of sealant can be applied. For all these steps---stripping, cleaning, enhancing and coloring, and sealing---SFSC uses only SurfaceLogix products.

Cory finds that approximately half his homeowner clients are environmentally sensitive and interested in green products. The Cobble Loc product offered by SurfaceLogix is not only environmentally friendly, containing low VOCs and no xylene, but just as importantly it can be applied on a wet surface and the entire application can be completed in a single day. This reduces the cost for both the applicator and his customer.


Why choose SurfaceLogix
Cory frequently calls on the technical knowledge of SurfaceLogix staff and finds them always available. For his business, Cory has decided that the combination of available experts, top quality products, full product line, and advanced formulations with water-borne products, a combination of factors unmatched in the industry.

US Pavers

Customer Description & Names
Since 1977, US Pavers has been in the business of pressure cleaning and sealing stone, pavers, concrete, and other hardscape surfaces. Municipalities, universities, public facilities, large corporations and home owners comprise the majority of US Pavers customers. US Pavers is proud to include American Airlines Arena, Miami Performing Arts Center, Fort Lauderdale Airport, and Broward County among its customer base. The company uses the full range of SurfaceLogix products in order to meet its customer needs.

In a typical job, US Pavers will use Cobble Clean to dissolve tar and tire tracks from pavers and concrete. They use the same product as a degreaser when necessary. Cobble Prep is used to remove florescence and rust. Cobble Coat, Cobble Coat H2O, #139 Impregnator, or Cobble Loc is then used to beautify and protect the newly cleaned surface. The US Paver crews apply SurfaceLogix products to such applications as pool decks, walkways, roadways, office and retail building entryways, and driveways. Basically, any property that uses pavers, travertine, or any porous stone, is a candidate for an application of SurfaceLogix products to enhance and protect the investment.

Paulo Lin, the Founder and President of US Pavers, explains that many of his high value customers require cleaning and sealing jobs to be done in a very short turnaround, namely less than a day. A customer such as a major airport cannot afford to have heavily trafficked areas shut down for long periods of time. Paulo presented this problem to John Daly the President and Technical Director of SurfaceLogix. Realizing the importance of such a market to US Pavers and other contractor/applicators, John assigned top priority to creation of such a product in the company's product development lab. The result wastwo product offerings- #139 Impregnating Sealer and Cobble Loc, both of which offers protection to interior and exterior surfaces while requiring limited "down time" for public access. Now US Pavers can clean the public areas in the morning and apply the sealer in the afternoon.

US Pavers is pleased with the new Cobble Loc product which cleans pavers and enhances the color, all in one day. Paulo sees this new product as an example of how SurfaceLogix works with its customers to develop new products that meet emerging market requirements. Cobble Loc not only speeds up jobs but it is a "green" product (less than 50 g/l VOC's) as well because it is water based rather than solvent based. US Pavers is finding that more and more of their customers such as municipalities, airports, arenas and also homeowners are requiring environmentally friendly products and services.

By building a close working relationship with SurfaceLogix, US Pavers has been able to meet the increasing requirements of its customers, gain access to new advanced products, and reduce its own operating expenses by shortening job times and repeat visits. By making one trip to the customer site, not two or more, the US Pavers crews save gas, time, and money.

Why choose SurfaceLogix
Over the years, US Pavers has built a relationship with the key management staff of SurfaceLogix based on product quality, trust and top notch service. Paulo Lins appreciates the ready availability of SurfaceLogix staff to discuss particularly unusual problems, and possible solutions. He notes the company has provided free samples to test alternative approaches to cleaning and repairing surfaces. Paulo counts on the immediate response he receives from SurfaceLogix to meet his own customers' demands.

SurfaceLogix (a Reliance Supply company) has been manufacturing specialty coatings since 1950. The company is recognized in the industry for formulating and manufacturing the highest quality cleaners and coatings. Research-based, advanced formulations for cleaners and sealants are the secret to the proprietary products manufactured by SurfaceLogix. SurfaceLogix is committed to providing its customers unequalled technical support, rapid response, and exceptional product knowledge. The company's strategy is to build long term customer relationships by providing the highest product quality and dedication to solving technical problems.

surface logix sealer
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Company Profile SurfaceLogix

Surface Logix was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in November of 1950. In the early years, as today, the company both manufactured and distributed products for the construction industry.

In the first two decades, the primary product manufactured was an integral waterproofing admixture for concrete slabs to prevent the absorption of water through a floor.

From this evolved the development of concrete coatings and curing sealers. In the sixties, the rapid boom of single family homes gave birth to the swimming pool as an industry of its own. Coatings to decorate and protect the pool decks became a new field for Surface Logix. Keystone evolved into chattahoochee and in the 1970's stamped and patterned concrete became surfaces that demanded a new generation of concrete sealers.

The 1980's and 1990's saw the concrete industry innovate with acrylic modified cement toppings and interlocking pavers. Covering large recreational areas of hotels and condominiums. Surface Logix created some of the first toppings and coating systems to properly protect these new products.

From Disney World to Sheraton Hotels, from the Middle East to the Caribbean Islands, our coatings and decking systems are designed to provide beauty and protection to the many faces of concrete whether it be concrete factory floors or penthouse balconies. We look forward to being an innovative leader in this ever-changing market through this new millennium.

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