Pink cooking apron

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pink cooking apron
Cooking Guide Apron: Printed with everything you'll need

so when it gets dirty and you wash it dose the writing on come off?

No, the writing is durable and will not come off in the washing machine.

Will it ever be availed in a diff. Language?

No. With that being said, the units of measurement are fairly standard worldwide regardless of language.

Can you tumble dry it?

Yes, the Cooking Guide Apron can be put in the dryer.

How durable is the writing on it? Will it peel off after a few runs through the washing machine?

The writing is durable (it's permanent!) and will not come off in the washing machine.

What point/size is the font?

The headings are font size 24pt and the rest of the writing is 14pt.

Does it only come in one color?

Yes, the natural unbleached cotton you see here.

Can you adjust the size?

The Cooking Guide Apron is a "one size fits all" size.

well why would i but the apron if you just gave us all the information on it up there?!?!!

Because it's so much more convenient to have it printed right on the apron rather than having to run to your computer and look at this page every time you cook. Although, we are more than happy to have you come back again and again.

Is there a miniature version of this? so that it can fit on kids :D

I'm sorry, but we do not have a child-size version of the Cooking Guide Apron.

Is the cloth super absorbant?

The Cooking Guide Apron is made of heavy duty cotton which, while not particularly absorbant, can hold up to even the nastiest kitchen spills.

Is the guide on the apron or you have to draw a guide

It's already on the apron. We're not selling blank aprons!

For the Steak Test, what would happen if you had chubby hands? would every steak be overdone because you have softness in your hand, making it seem soft and therefore rare?

I think it still works, no matter how chubby your hands are.

Is the apron flame-resistant/repelant? I'm a bit of scared of using it in the kitchen while cooking, in case a corner of the apron catches a flame and goes on fire. Of course, I'm not going to read it right in front of the stove :P

The apron is, like most kitchen aprons, heavy cotton. So while it's not flame retardant it's not easily combustible either.

Can this fit 8 year olds 9 year olds and 10 year olds?

The Cooking Guide Apron might be a bit too long for the little ones.

Hey! Billy Mays doesn't yell, he projects. How long does one of these last?

It's thick, natural cotton, so it should last you a pretty long time.

Do you have a substitutions chart on there? Because that's what my dad tends to need the most.

No. We actually included photos showing each section of the apron on the page above.

Is the apron usable in UK ?

Sure! It includes a full conversion chart printed right on it.

Will this product make me a better chef?

Maybe not a better chef, but definitely a more competent one.

What size is the apron?

The apron is 40" long and 34" at the widest point. The apron strings are 38" long.

I'm a happy-go-lucky (messy) cook. How permanent is the print? Can I bleach this?

The writing is permanent and will not come off in the wash. The Cooking Guide Apron should not be bleached.


We can't, as we're not the manufacturer, but I'm sure you can find an inexpensive silk screen business who can.

Will it wash the words away if you clean it?

Nope! Much like a t-shirt, a trip through the washing machine will not erase the design. Keep in mind that this is a cooking apron, which is something that is meant to get dirty and be washed.

Does the stains easily wash off the apron?

Obviously it depends on the stain. Chocolate fudge might come out a little easier than, say, food dye.

What is the apron made of? My guess is it might made out of something that related to...silicone.

The apron is made from natural unbleached cotton.

What does "blue" mean when testing the feel of a steak?

To say that a steak feels "blue" means that it is undercooked.

Will it fit a 12 year old?

I guess it depends on how tall the 12 year old in question is, though I imagine it'd be a bit long.

Does it come in more than one size?

No, it's one size fits all. Adults, that is.


Because having a wealth of helpful info instantly available exactly when you need it is brilliant.

Can I put money in an envelope and post it to you guys?

We do not accept cash. You may send a cashier's check or money order, but no cash or personal checks.

Do you have a Portuguese - PT version of the apron?

I'm sorry, but we do not.

There seems to be a lot of information. How small is the print?

You're right - the Cooking Guide Apron is loaded with info! The larger headings are 24pt font and the other writing is 14pt.

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