Alexandra paressant and tony parker

Alexandra Paressant & Tony Parker, Skanks
Oh suckie suckie. I would like to go on record of saying that I am here for Eva Longoria when she is ready to come running back to me (please note she doesn’t know me). It appears that Tony Parker may have played, “Sex, Sex, Let’s Have Secret Sex” with Alexandra Paressant. Apparently these two crazy sons-a-bitches first met at Eva and Tony’s wedding and then exchanged skanked out text messages and then met up in stink-ass Paris on September 29th and banged until the Red Sox won the World Series. Alexandra has spoken with X17 and here’s what Skanky McSlutty-Pants had to say:

“We had room service. He said that Eva sexually speaking does not want to do certain things. She do not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like certain position and thinks that sperm gives acne.”

Later when Alexandra was asked about Tony’s marriage to Eva, she said that Tony said,

“Everybody has to get married at some point for he still has time to enjoy life.”

Here are my thoughts. If this is true, they’re both skanks. If this isn’t true, she’s a skank and a whore (yes there’s a difference) and has disgraced her family’s name. Regardless I think that Eva should come and meet me. What, just sayin’.

As a side note, this chick was on America’s Next Top Model, German Edition, which…wait, it’s actually called “Germany’s Next Top Model.” Also, if this is the same random chick I’m thinking of, she used to go out with Ronaldinho, the Brazilian footballer dude, and he ended up suing her as she spread rumors about him partying with her and never going to practice, etc. I smell a whore….and that whore smells good.

Who Said That!?!
Alexandra Paressant & Tony Parker, Skanks

alexandra paressant and tony parker
Alexandra Paressant Alleges Affair with Tony Parker

Tony Parker is a championship basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs.

But is he also a world class cheater on wife Eva Longoria?

Alexandra Paressant certainly says so, as the model claims she met the basketball star as his July wedding to the actress and then began to exchange sexually explicit text messages and phone calls when he was in Paris in September.

They slept together, she alleges, and continued seeing each other night after night in Paris until he left to San Antonio a short time later.

"We had room service. He said that Eva, sexually speaking, does not want to do certain things," she said. "She does not want to make love in front of a mirror, does not like [a] certain position and thinks that sperm gives acne."

Raise your hand if you actually believe Alexandra Paressant had an affair with Tony Parker. Thank you. Neither do we.

Look, even if those accusations are true, Parker still gets to see Eva Longoria nude. That would be enough to keep any man loyal.

Despite the attention Paressant has received for her remarks, the Desperate Housewives star stands by her man: "Tony has been nothing short of the perfect husband," she said in a statement released through her rep.

The attention-seeking model won't shut up, however, saying Parker has told her he wasn't want kids and replied to her question about the public finding out about their affair with: "People can think whatever they want."

In the end, we'd still like to believe Longoria's rep, Liza Anderson. She said:

"These allegations are completely, 100% false and untrue. All high profile couples fall victim to these sorts of things in the course of their relationships. It appears that this is not the first time this woman has used an athlete to gain public notoriety."

It's true. Paressant has also dated soccer star Ronaldinho. She's so busted!

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alexandra paressant and tony parker

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