Faith hill daughters ages

Gracie McGraw: Meet Tim McGraw & Faith Hills Eldest Daughter
Get to know country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's eldest daughter, 22-year-old Gracie McGraw, here!
faith hill daughters ages
faith hill daughters ages

Maggie McGraw: 5 Things To Know About Tim McGraw & Faith Hills Middle Daughter

Faith Hill & Tim McGraws gorgeous daughter Maggie, 18, made a big splash when she showed up as her famous dads date to the 2016 American Music Awards on Nov. 20! Rocking a super chic jumpsuit and edgy leather jacket, the blonde beauty most definitely turned heads, but what do we REALLY know about her? Check out our 5 fast facts below!

While Faith Hill, 49, stayed home from the AMAs on Nov. 20 to recover from foot surgery, her hubby of 20 years Tim McGraw, 49, took their daughter to the awards show instead and she drew quite a lot of attention! Maggie McGraw, 18, looked fabulous from head-to-toe in a sleek black jumpsuit, leather moto jacket, and minimal heels, and it seemed like she had an amazing time with her country crooner dad.

And while not much is known about the teen, we rounded up a few facts about her that prove she is MUCH more than just the daughter of country music royalty! Find out what we know about her below and prepare to be impressed:

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: See Pics Of Country Musics Hottest Couple

1. The 2016 AMAs werent the only awards show Maggie accompanied her dad to.

Tim not only had Maggie on his arm at the AMAs earlier this week, but back in June, his little girl was his date to the CMT Awardsalso! It definitely seems like these two have lots of fun together. We wonder how many more red carpets well see Maggie on!

2. Shes currently a freshman at Stanford University.

Maggie graduated from high school this past spring and began studying at Stanford in the fall of 2016, which is very impressive! Clearly shes got one steady head on her shoulders.

3. Maggie is studying climate control at school.

Maggie is a free diver, her fathertold Country Countdown USA in June. Shes always been interested in the ocean, so her primary interest is marine biology. Shes just about to start college, and well see where it takes her. But thats always been her biggest interest.

4. Shes not interested in pursing a career in music.

Although her parents are famous for their insane voices, as of right now, Maggie is content on staying out of the music business although she DOES enjoy singing! In fact, in September, Faith posted a video of herself and Maggie singing along to Taylor Swifts Bad Blood as they drove up to Stanford to drop Maggie off. Aw!

5. Maggie has two siblings.

Faith and Tim have a total of three children all of them girls! At 18 years old, Maggie is in the middle. She has an older sisterGracie, 19, and a younger sisterAudrey, 14.Its busy right now in my life, Tim said during his interview. Maggie graduated high school, Audrey graduated junior high. Gracie will be a sophomore in college in the fall. Maggie starts college in the fall. Audrey will be a freshman in high school. So lifes pretty crazy at our house.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers do you think Maggie seems like a cool girl?

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