Dead female celebrities costumes

Female "dead celebrity" costume ideas?
How about lucille ball from the ancient show i love lucy ? "It isn't that over done and pretty recognizable.

Here are a few ideas i found googling
Farrah Fawcett
Anna Nicole Smith
Janis Joplin
Lisa "left eye"
Julia Child
Amilia Airhart (i dont know how to spell her name , but you get what i mean)

Sorry this is all i could find , but hope this gave you some ideas at least .(:

Mine please?;...

dead female celebrities costumes
I was invited to a Dead Celebrity Halloween theme party. Can you think of any famous dead females to dress as
that group member from TLC that died or Aaliyah.

Or Courtney Love, trust me the way she's going she'll be dead in a few months and all your friends will realise that you're psychic!!

And besides, who says you can't go as a male celebrity? it is Halloween.

But if you want a classic, i like the ones other people suggested - Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Marie Antoinette would be cool since the movie is about to come out

dead female celebrities costumes

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